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ERA – Easy Repairable Atomizer

A Philippine made rebuildable atomizer. Made of machined stainless steel that would cost around $45. This is the first rebuildable atomizer I’ve got and since then everything changed. I have always used a 901 atomizer though sometimes I also use 510’s and rarely the 306’s. Everyone else have been talking about how perfect it is to be vaping a rebuildable atomizer so I got one for myself to test if it’s really worth the money.

One of my fellow vaper came from this joint and got me an ERA. After a few youtube videos and some reading I started building my first atomizer. Too bad I got a not so good batch of wick. so I used the wick from an old ce2 instead.

Got a torch lighter to clean the wick and started building. Built a good few atomizers and vaped away. My third build was perfect. I enjoyed vaping with my ERA and my favorite juice started to feel unpleasant since it became real tasty and sweet, just like what people said when they started using a rebuildable atomizer. 

Had other people to try it as well and they really enjoyed my build. It was just a basic double wick single coil with a 1.7 ohm resistance on my Provari cranked up to 4.5v I suddenly missed the feeling of using a regular atomizer firing at 6.4volts.

Tried this baby for a couple of days and I’d have to say, rebuildable atomizer is worth it. There’s just a little learning curve when it comes to building your atomizer and taking drags but once your through with that, you’d probably choose rebuildable over retail atomizers.

I have a few gripes about this accessory though.

1. Eats too much juice and dries up quickly. 3-4 drops would take me up to 6 drags then I’d have to drip again. I guess it’s because I’m firing it at 10 watts which makes things different.

2. It gets hot too fast. I ended up using my universal drip tip from Cherry Vapes to prevent my tip from getting hot and burning my lips. Yeah I know, I chain vape.

3. There is a screw at the bottom that you can adjust but it’s all the way inside the atomizer already and still the head of the screw is not flush with the bottom making it not screw all the way in the 510 connector on my Provari. I don’t feel that it’s secure in place. Whenever I put my Provari in my pocket or in my bag the atomizer is usually loosened that I’d have to screw it back in again whenever I pick it up to vape it.

4. There’s too much space at the bottom before the connector making it not look flush when attached to my Provari.

Besides these, It’s a great accessory specially for those who wants to enjoy full flavor and cheaper atomizer and to some.. Clouds of vapor.



5 thoughts on “ERA – Easy Repairable Atomizer

  1. Where can someone in the USA get one of these? Is there a vendor site that will ship the the US?

    Posted by Curtis Eckert | May 2, 2012, 11:08 pm
  2. There would be one out in the US soon. I’ll make a review about the other rebuildable atomizer in a few. Been really busy this past few weeks

    Posted by iskalter | May 5, 2012, 6:38 pm
  3. Hassle, gripe, questions, failures, learning curves, bad wick, no wick, wrong gauge wire, wrapped wrong…. but “NO! They’re great anyway!”. That’s what I hear when someone says “rebuildable atomizer”. Pass. Pass a thousand times over. Never had these issues with cigarettes. e-cigs need to be more like cigarettes. Not necessarily aesthetically, but in simplicity and satisfaction. I have much cooler hobbies than this scene is turning out to be.

    Posted by Bryan Linden | August 31, 2012, 5:30 am
  4. Sell it to me if you dont like it!!!!

    Posted by Darrin Klinko | September 14, 2012, 3:52 am


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