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ATB – Anti-Tar Box mod

The ATB is a variable voltage personal vaporizer. Uses a Murata chip, an efficient voltage regulator (93% efficiency), unlike linear regulators which converts excess power to heat. This has little to no heat build up even through heavy vaping. Packs two 18650’s which is a plus for heavy vapers, this should last you 4-6 days on moderate vaping and probably around 2 days if you’re a heavy vaper. This unit can accomodate smaller batteries as long as it is 3v or higher.

Efficient regulator = longer battery life.

Has short circuit protection which protects your unit from defective atomizers

and a built-in over temperature and over current (6A) protection.

I got this last night and it’s all worth it. I threw my Provari in the bag, snapped two 18650’s in place, my favorite atomizer and vaped the night away. I really like the way it feels when I’m vaping it. This is my first ever box mod. Haven’t tested how long 2 18650’s will last on this though. Based on my experience, my AW IMR 2000mAh battery usually lasts a day on my Provari.

Perfect when you’re out of town or on a road trip to nowhere, just add a tank in place of your favorite atomizer and vape away.

The only thing I guess I don’t like on this mod is that it’s made for right handed people so when I’m vaping this I usually cover the led with my hand. Other than that, this is one perfect variable voltage mod for me.

There is also another model, one that uses 2 14500 batteries.



2 thoughts on “ATB – Anti-Tar Box mod

  1. How do you get in touch with the maker of the ATB?

    Posted by Joan JoseAndres Cobarrubias | August 15, 2012, 8:15 pm

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